The Law of Grace

The Law of Grace dispenses mercy and dissolves fate.

— Regina Peacock

We can operate in the law of grace through compassion, mercy, forgiveness and empathy for others. When we offer these things to others, we invoke the spiritual law of grace to now operate in our own lives.  Grace is a favor- and an act of kindness that is extended to us when we least expect it, and often, don’t deserve it.

We receive grace through the law, according to how we empathize, forgive and show mercy to others. Grace is a divine dispensation of mercy and dissolves our fate! Meaning, whatever act we commit worthy of punishment or serious consequences can be dissolved through this law. This is God’s law.

We should care about people, and seek to understand them. Instead of judging them, find commonality with them, and look beneath the surface so that we do not judge them incorrectly. If you cannot see beneath the surface, it is wise to suspend judgement all together.

It is necessary to teach children this law, by taking them into nature and helping them understand the importance of respecting all of God’s creations including animals. Understanding that even an ant’s life is important, and it serves a very important function in the circle of life is critical. Thus, stepping on them without regard is not a good decision.

Teaching children to show respect towards others, and helping the poor, not mocking, teasing or laughing at the unfortunate and caring for the vulnerable is also necessary in helping them to conceptualize and apply this law in their lives. They ultimately need to understand that people other than themselves have emotions, the world does not revolve around them and they should be kind, forgiving and understanding in their interactions. This is the matter of good that surrounds the law of grace.

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